Under the Mask

Romance Card

The romance card is being provided in advance of the game to give players a chance to review the tasks and decide if they would like to participate in the mechanic. Certain romances can earn players reputation points, so all characters are motivated to pursue romance. If a character is not involved in the romance mechanic, that is the player’s choice and that is perfectly acceptable.

Romance Card

This is a list of wooing tasks. These are tasks that can be assigned to and completed by another character in order to win your heart. Feel free to use the tasks provided, ignore them completely, or make up your very own! Again, the point of this mechanic is for you to have some fun, flirty role play- not get bogged down in a mechanic. If anything on the list seems insulting, biased, or unfun- don’t do it and do something that seems more fun instead!

You may only complete one wooing task per person per hour. You may court as many people at a time as you’d like.  

  1. Paint me a masterpiece
  2. Give me a sculpture or invention
  3. Give me a luxury good
  4. Share wine and bread with me
  5. Attend a scheduled event with me
  6. Take me on a gondola ride
  7. Tell me a secret
  8. Tell me a secret about (third person)
  9. Keep a secret that I tell you
  10. Recite a poem about me in front of an audience
  11. Do something spontaneous to make me smile
  12. Share 15 minutes of good conversation together
  13. Help me play matchmaker for someone else
  14. Go on a Quest with me
  15. Let me go on a Quest with you
  16. Tell me a thrilling story about a Quest you’ve completed
  17. Assist me in a Combat
  18. Challenge one of my other suitors to a duel and win
  19. Treat me as your equal (only if different origin types)
  20. Help me plot and get revenge against an enemy
  21. Help me complete a goal on my character sheet
  22. Receive a gift worth at least 3 soldo (may only use once)
  23. Receive a gift worth at least 1 Lira (may only use once)
  24. Receive a gift worth at least 5 Lira (may only use once)

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