Standing Taller

I like to sew and crochet. When I engage in these hobbies I find myself slouching a lot. My shoulders are tense and I’m leaned slightly forward hunched while I stare at fabric or yarn. It’s not attractive. After a few hours in these contorted positions, my shoulders, neck, and back ache. I take breaks to stretch and straighten my back and neck. When I resume work, my work is better.

I have found that stretching before I speak helps me to maintain better posture during my speeches. Better posture helps me project my voice to the back of the room more clearly. It also makes me appear confident and seem like an authority figure on the subject on which I am speaking.

Amy Cuddy gave a Ted Talk on posture. She has followed up this Ted talk with some criticism and refutation of her own arguments. However, my posture and confidence were so poor when I started speaking that this video really helped me.  What do you think? Are there any stretches or ways you prepare your body before you speak?

I recently got a yoga dvd. I am curious to see if there are any poses or sets of poses that can help me relax further or stand a bit taller when I speak. I will try to revisit this topic again in the future and see if I have found any other techniques or tips to scare away my slouch.

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