Under the Mask

Gardens and Palazzos

ach and every city-state, nation, and empire wants to be known for having the best and most beautiful gardens. Gardens and palazzos are crucial to having a strong arts district in an area and gardens with the best reputations tend to attract heroic artists, inventors, and do-gooders. Conversely- gardens adorned and festooned with ugly items tend to attract a more seedy and sinister element.

Acquiring a Garden

Some characters will begin the game with a garden, but all characters have the ability to purchase one at game.

  • Small gardens cost 500 ducats. A small garden comes with space for a focal point, two trees, and four roses and room for a pathway.
  • Large gardens cost 500 ducats and simply upgrade a small garden. You must have a small garden in order to purchase a large garden. Large gardens allow for two additional focal points, four more roses, and four more trees.

Planting Items in a Garden

Planting items in a garden is simple! Find the GM on duty in the gardens and tell them you want to plant. Hand over your item card and it will be attached to the garden of your choice! This means that you can plant items in ANY garden. Uh oh! Garden owners will want to be mindful of what gets planted in their garden. It would be a shame for some villainous ne’er-do-well to destroy a lovely beckon of loveliness and goodliness.


It may become necessary or desirable to remove an item from a garden. Removing items that are already put into place can be moved by paying a work crew ½ of the value of the item being moved. Simply see the GM on duty, pay the fees, and then select the item being removed. You may only weed or remove items from a garden that you own.

The Great Garden and Palazzo Show

On Sunday morning a garden aficionado will be judging the gardens and awarding prizes. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Garden with the highest reputation value
  • Garden with the lowest reputation value
  • Garden with the most items of a corresponding suit

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