Under the Mask

Game Schedule


4:00-5:00:  GM Happy Hour and Last Rites
5:00-7:00:  Set-Up
7:00-8:00:  Rules Briefing & Pep Talk
8:00: Game Start (Game Period 1)
10:00: Cheese Invitational (Special Ticket Necessary)
12:00: GMs Offline


9:00 Game Start (Game Period 2)
1:00-2:00 End Game Period/ Lunch
2:00 Game Start (Game Period 3)
6:00-8:00 End Game Period/ Dinner
8:00 Game Start (Game Period 4)
During Game period 4 each faction will have an allotted time to perform their                         Masque. A more detailed game schedule will be posted on door at the event site.
1:00 AM GM’s Offline


9:00 Game Start (Game Period 5)
1:00 Game End
1:00 All-Hands Clean Up and Car Loading
2:00 Game Wrap/Shameless Plugs
2:30/3:00-ish to Whenever– Dead Dog

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