Bullets and Belles

Bullets and Belles Paperclip Rule

GM Note: I have played in a few games that have used the paperclip rule, but it’s subtle and people get so busy that I think the paperclips get overlooked. I do care that you are having fun, so I have tried to come up with a variation that I think will work for you and for the GM team.

There are not paperclips in your packet to put on your name badge if you are bored, stuck, just in need of some general attention from a fellow player or a GM. There are binder clips near the mailboxes.

When to use a binder clip?
The best time to use a binder clip is if you find yourself bored, done with your plots, or unable to figure out a way to engage or involve yourself in the current activities. Grab a binder clip and stick it on your mailbox. If you find yourself stuck on a plot, please drop a note in the GM box so the GMs can help get you plot unstuck.

If you see a binder clip on a mailbox
If you see a binder clip on a mailbox, there is a player having a less than fun time at the moment for any number of reasons. Figure out who it is. Come up with a reason to go talk to them. You do not need a GM in order to help a fellow player or make a new friend. Please help the GMs and be proactive whenever you see a binder clip.

Remove the Binder Clip
You may remove your binder clip from your mailbox at anytime. When the GMs get to the mailboxes and see a binder clip, they will remove it and track down the player to check on them. In almost all cases, it is the hope of the GMs that another player will have seen the clip first, but this mailbox thing is a new GM tool- so we will see how it works.

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