Bullets and Belles

Bullets and Belles Adventure Rules


Some plots will take players on Adventures! We have dedicated one entire room of the game space for adventure.

Adventures are short (approx 15 minute) quests, missions, side events, that players can participate in. Some characters may have even started game with an Adventure envelope in their packet.

Anatomy of an Adventure

The outside of the adventure envelope with have a bunch of important information.

Number and Title:
Each adventure has a number and a title. These are important to know for when an adventure is completed.

# of Players:
This tells you how many player/character may participate in the adventure. The number is depicted as a range with the minimum number of players and the maximum number of players. Think about inviting people on adventures who have a binder clip on their mailbox!

Temp GM:
Most of the Adventures require you to have a temporary gm. ANYONE who is not participating in the adventure can be a temporary GM. Ask a person if they will GM an Adventure for you. Hand them the envelope.They take over from there.

If you temp GM for an adventure, you will get a reward too! So if you are in need of components, parts, money, or other goodies, being a temp GM is a rather headache free way to get these kinds of goodies.

Estimated Time
Most adventures are about 15 minutes in length. Some may be shorter than that, but you are expected to role play through your adventure, not just read through it. So take your time and have fun with them.

Each player may only complete each adventure a single time. Repeatable means: Is this adventure available to be completed by other players. If an adventure is repeatable, when it’s over, please put the contents of the envelope back inside and replace the envelope so other people can have access to it.

You may Temp GM an adventure you have completed.

Props Needed
Props are needed for certain adventures. Gather up the props before you have your Temp GM open your envelope. Some props will be stored with the Game GMs. Just check in at the table and let them know which Adventure Number and Title you are working on.

Most of the Adventures are set in the Swamp. Please read this item as it will tell you if it’s not. There are a few adventures on plantations, along the river, and in town locations. If you have an adventure that send you into town or to Under the Hill- please go into those locations to complete the adventure. If you are role playing, they may be fun for others to watch, too!

Brief Summary
The brief summary is generally 1-2 sentences that describes briefly what you see just before the adventure begins or what you may likely encounter on the adventure. They are very teasery and are not always completely helpful. They do attempt to be vaguely accurate.

Each adventure has at least 1 keyword. Keywords can describe the adventure in a more nuts and bolts way than the Brief Summary. You will often see at least one relevant skill that could help or hinder you on the Adventure.  

Adventure Reward Sheet

Yeah, the game has a ton of paper bits, sorry for that. But hey, if you take 1-2 minutes to fill out paper bits, it saves you 4-5 minutes of standing in lines waiting for GMs.

Some adventures offer you rewards when you complete them. It will clearly say. “You get a spell component,” or “You find 6 bullets,” or something along those lines. Write down the relevant information on the Adventure Reward Sheet and then turn your sheet into the GMs. Check your mailbox shortly thereafter and your reward should be there!

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