Bullets and Belles

Bullets and Belles Race and the Portrayal Of Race

Race and racism will be plot points and character elements in Bullets and Belles. The game is set in a town utilizing historical elements from American History and elements from the Deadlands Confederate South fictional source material. In the Deadlands source material and in American History, persons of color have been treated unfairly for generations. Race in Bullets and Belles will exclude certain characters from certain plots.

Players may elect to play a character of any race that they would like. There are some ground rules for portraying your character’s race in the game.

DO NOT wear fake tan products, black face, or other all over makeup product to portray yourself as another race.

We will be using a bandanna system to depict race. Bandannas are to be worn around the neck or on the head. This allows people standing some distance away from a character to quickly identify the race of a character without needlessly approaching or relying on name badges. The GMs will be supplying bandannas for game to ensure that all players have the correct color of bandanna. You will be given your bandanna at check in when you pick up your character packet.

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