Bullets and Belles

Bullets and Belles Google Template for Character Stats Creation

Making a Copy of the Template


1. Navigate to the Google Character Creation Template 

2. Click on File —> Make a Copy


3. Enter a Name for your file.


4. Google will make a copy of the document for you and your file name will appear at the top left corner. 


Entering Data on the Template

1. Type your name and your character’s name in the corresponding fields on the template. Only type in the yellow boxes.


2. Click on the triangles in the Race and Religion fields to select a race and a religion for your character.

Please Note:

  • Native Mysticism is only allowed to be taken by members of the Native Race.
  • Freedman Mysticism is only allowed to be taken by members of the Black Race.

3. Click on the triangles in the Skill Level fields to select the level of the skill you wish to purchase.

Please Note: The total number of XP that you are allowed to spend on your character is based on your Registration level for game. Additionally, if you purchase additional hit points, those will be added to your sheet by the GMs.


Sharing Your Template with the GMs

1. Once you have made any point expenditures that you would like to make and your character sheet is completed, you need to share it with the GMs. In the upper right hand side of the screen click on “Share.”


2. Where it says “People,” enter the email address of the GMs: osdcwriter(at)gmail.com and peterbensch(at)gmail.com (making the logical @ symbol replacement in the addresses).

3. Be sure that either the “Edit” or “View” option is selected.


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