Bullets and Belles

Bullets and Belles Who’s Who

Who’s Who

The Northerners

Alma Wesson– Daughter of the famed gunsmith, Daniel B. Wesson. Former student at the Protestant Ladies’ Academy of Rodney, Mississippi.

Antoinetta Springs– Notorious jewel thief and cat burglar that has been evading capture for years.

Archibald MacMurphy– Dr. MacMurphy is a graduate of Yale University where he graduated with a degree in Chemistry. He spends most of his time now travelling and bringing medicine to small rural areas.

Chauncey Westinghouse– Graduate of Nepohock University and Officer in the Union Military who has a bit of a reputation for being a womanizer and ne’er-do-well.

Clarence Hemingway– A surgeon from Albany, NY who did not serve at all in the military. He is seem by many as a coward.

Cole Sear– Cole is a famed adventure novelist from Massachusetts. He arrived in Rodney to set up shop for a while, look for some new adventures to write about, and share his tales with others.

Edgar Wesson– A graduate of Nepohock University and son of famed gunsmith, Daniel B. Wesson. Edgar is in Rodney to attend the invention expo and is rumored to be travelling with an amazing grant for one of the participants.

G. Washington Vanderbilt– G.W. is the son of the wealthy industrialist and railroad tycoon, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Supposition for his arrival in Rodney revolves around the diminutive Bluff City Railroad Co.

Hoyt Wolfe– A graduate of Nepohock University and a noted cartographer. He has recently arrived in Rodney with his wife and a couple of travelling companions.

Ida Jennet Walker– Ida has served as a Nurse in the Union military for many years. She has served in the North, the South, and even in the Sioux Nation.

Isabel Rippey– Isabel is a devoted church goer who has made her life’s work meeting with various Native tribes, learning their languages and cultures, and then sharing her own Faith with them. She is as much an anthropologist as she is a missionary.

Jamie Dawning– Travelling companion and security officer for Ms. Alma Wesson.

Madeline Delphine Abellard– It would be gauche to call Madeline a gun-for-hire or a mere mercenary. She’s lethal, she’s for sale, and she’s usually kept in the employ of Ms. Alma Wesson.

Noah Winters– Noah is a lifelong gambler who found himself in Rodney chasing the speculation of a new casino and some potential big rollers that he might make a nice profit off of.

Percy Obeshaw– A member of the Pinkerton International Detective Agency who has been sent to Jefferson County to collect the reparation monies that are being assessed upon Rodney Landowners.

Randall Everett Smith– Randall Everett Smith is a man of mystery. No one seems to know much about him- where he came from, or why he has bothered to come to Rodney. He seems to be the perfect gentleman though and that alone has managed to cause quite the stir in town.

Roberta Kingston-Wolfe– Roberta was a General during the war. Her regiment was responsible for the siege and capture of Jackson. Rumor has it that she is the front runner candidate for governor should Mississippi join the Union.

Thomas Morton– Dr. Thomas Morton is a surgeon who has served in the Union Military for a number of years. He arrived in Rodney soon after the destruction of Vicksburg, MS.

The Southerners

Ada Mae Rose– A vociferous supporter of the newly re-established Sacred Heart Church in Rodney.

Aubrey Monmouth– Monmouth is a Southern Politician who has found himself recently out of work due to some of the political transitions taking place in the South. With gubernatorial elections in Mississippi pending, many expect Monmouth to seek out the position for himself.

Bartholomew Masters– Sergeant in the Confederate Military. He’s a bit hard of hearing after spending a bit too much time with the artillery.

Benny Sampson– Benny struggles to make a living. He dredges the bottom of the Mississippi River looking for whatever can be hauled up and sold for a few dollars.

Charles Westford– Charles is a recently retired career military man who happily follows orders for his country.

Doreen “Dolly” Bonaparte– Doreen arrived in Rodney years ago from New Orleans. Shes the proprietor of Dolly’s at the Dockside and shes as well respected as any woman of ill-repute can be.

Edward Washburn– Edward is a young local inventor in Rodney. He has numerous ideas, but he doesn’t have the money or the luck to have broken into the big time with any of his plans or creations yet.

Elijah Dane– Elijah is a hard working miner who has made a stop in Rodney to gather supplies and associates preparing for a mining expedition out west.

Eugenie de la Livornière– Eugenie is following in her father’s footsteps, but so far its been hard for her to establish herself within the community because of the large shadow that her father seems to cast over her.

Evie Hunt– Dr. Evie Hunt began her career as a dentist and remains skilled as such. It wasn’t until later that her true genius as an inventor was revealed when she started creating weapons for the Confederate Military. (

Germaine Hollis– Germaine is a Freedman who runs a small barbershop in Rodney. Germaine’s work is top notch and as such his business is patronized by all men, regardless of their skin color.

Guthrie Phearson– Confederate aristocrat and industrialist. Guthrie is in Rodney trying to find new opportunities to make himself wealthier and he’ll happily stomp on just about anyone or anything who gets in his way.

Herbert Suvall– Minister at the First Presbyterian Church in Rodney and Patron for the Protestant Ladies’ Academy of Rodney, Mississippi.

Hiram Windsor– Son of the late Gideon Windsor, Colonel in the Confederate Military, and owner of one of the largest plantations still remaining in Jefferson County.

Holdon Thibodau– Holdon has had to make a stop-over in Rodney on his way to Mississippi when his travels were interrupted by trouble along the Mississippi River. He is a god fearing man from Kentucky who is giving up Appalachia and trading it in for the Bayou.

Jorie Trudeau– Jorie is a Freedman who has made a home for herself on the edge of the swamp. She makes a variety of herbal remedies for people and will charge a nominal fee to read bones for people or offer other mystical services. (

Landon de la Livornière– Town Sheriff and Freedman. Most of the folks in town are a bit confused as to how Landon managed to win the Sheriff election, but one thing is for certain, with Landon in charge, criminals have been quiet and sneaky about their business. Landon manages to conjure a sense of fear and as such, few are willing to cross him. (

Lola Jones– Lola work’s at Dolly’s and prides herself on providing quality entertainment. She’s at home on the stage and and aspires to land a leading role performing on one of the river’s many quality riverboat establishments.

Louis Rufus Barringer– Louis is a southern aristocrat who found himself with a commission in the Confederate Military. Despite the silver spoon that he was born with in his mouth, he’s a capable and courageous leader when he needs to be.

Lucinda Windsor– Daughter of the late Gideon Windsor. Heiress to the Windsor Plantation, one of the last large plantations in Jefferson County.

Lynette– Lynette works as the assistant to Jorie Trudeau. Lynette has always been a bit private, so little is known about her aside from her camaraderie with Jorie.

Mabel Charles– Mabel grew up in Rodney. She has spent a goodly amount of time away on business, but she’s recently returned home.

Mary “Blue” Nicholls– Mary comes and goes in Rodney. She’s more than competent on a horse and she prides herself on never having lost a steer on a drive. She’s a well travelled ranch hand who is an amazing asset to any plantation.

Octavia Taylor– Octavia is the youngest and only living child of former Union President Zachary Taylor. She is a proud Southerner and will happily denounce her father’s treasonous ways to anyone who will listen.  She is also the owner and heiress of the largest plantation in Jefferson County.

Paxton Summers– Paxton is a Jefferson County local who owns and operates the Rodney Review Press and Offices.

Pythagoras Dupreé– Major Dupreé served on the battlefield bringing God to a place where many would have thought forsaken. While he was at war, his wife was killed and now as a widower, he seems to be a shell of his former self.

Red Molly– Red Molly is one of the girls who works at Dolly’s. She’s quite popular and could likely drink most men under a table and out play them at cards too.

Serafina Mercier– Serafina is an odd young lady. She’s fascinated with worms, bugs, and all manner of other creepy crawlie insects. She attends the Ladies’ Academy where the school is trying to properly hone her skills and interests.

Theodora Belloquet– Headmistress for Protestant Ladies’ Academy of Rodney, Mississippi and champion for respectable southern women.

The Others

Anton Wayland– Anton arrived in Rodney a few months ago from the Black Rock Corporation and has acquired some land. He’s hoping to start up a new business endeavor for himself.

C. David Gardner– David is a representative from the Black Rock Corporation who is sponsoring the inventions expo. Gardner also has some of the mysterious substance known as “Ghost Rock” that he is selling in small quantities to inventors or other interested parties.

Father Michael– Father Michael has recently arrived in Rodney, appointed by the Catholic Church to lead the newly re-established Sacred Hearth Church in town. Father Michael has arrived from Mexico and his exotic nature has made him quite appealing to a number of the ladies in Rodney.

Graham Austin– Son of famed Texan, Samuel Austin. Heir to Colt & Austin Firearms. Graham is also in Rodney to attend the Invention Expo.

Montana Dixon– Montana is anything but a gentleman, but he’s clearly had some training in southern mannerisms. He makes a living by escorting ladies to high society functions and entertaining with his charm and wit.

The Natives

The name in (parentheses) following the Natives’ name indicates which tribe the native is from.

Eyota “Great Woman” Hokte (Mississippian)- Eyota is one of the few Natives who has grown up in and around Rodney. She is respected as a spiritual leader among her people.

Hassa “Rising Sun” Ola (Creek)- Rising Sun prefers to be called by his white moniker. He is a frequent patron at Dolly’s by the Dockside and his reputation at the poker table has been exalted at saloons in just about every country he’s visited.

Honobi “Green Alligator” Holata (Seminole)- Honobi is a famed hunter. His reputation includes the capture and killing of many deadly creatures in the Everglades region of Florida. He is also famed for his reputation as the best alligator wrestler that has ever lived.

Ihabe “Dream Keeper” Owaza (Lakota)- Ihabe is a merchant who has found his way to Rodney from the Sioux Nation.

Keme “White Cat” Koichus (Mississippian)- Keme is the youngest of the natives who comes to town. She is curious and eager to learn about cultures that are unlike her own.

Ola “Sun Bear” Nita (Mississippian)- Ola has embraced many of the ways and customs of the Whites. She serves in the Confederate Military, happy to wield their weapons and embrace the white ways of war and diplomacy.

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