Code of Conduct
All participants at Under the Mask must read and abide by the same Code of Ethics to help ensure mutual safety for all event participants.

Alter Egos
Many superheros have alter egos. Batman protects the identity of Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker relies on Spiderman to keep his Aunt May from finding out about all of the danger he gets into. Under the Mask characters have Alter Egos as well!

Combat Mechanics
Combat at Under the Mask is simulated within the rule set of the game. These rules explain how combat works at the event.

Game Currency
Characters will have access to a physical token/coin economy for game. Values and exchanges are explained here.

Gardens and Palazzos
This is an optional mechanic for Under the Mask. Players will have access to gardens in which they may landscape.

Great Works and Masterpieces
This mechanics is for artists and inventors. It explains how they can create great objects of value and cultural importance. All characters may want to read this so they understand the value of the parts that they possess.

Let’s Play Make Believe utilizes Mailboxes to help deliver messages and information from event volunteers to players.

Which hero is the most heroic? Which villain is the best at being the worst? Player actions will impact a character’s reputation!

Romance Card
This article accompanies the Romance Mechanic.

Romance Mechanic
Under the Mask has a great deal of romance, room for love, and even marriage. Romance rules are used to make sure player are engaging in these activities in a way which allows them to feel safe and engage in meaningful role-play.

Wine Making
Some characters will be able to make and sell wine. Wine is also essential to many traditional Italian celebrations.