Registration for Creature College is not open at this time. Once a venue and date have been selected, registration will open.

Game Date and Location


December 4-6, 2020
Best Western Plus
King of Prussia, PA

Important Notes about Registration

1. Registration does not include Meals or Lodging. The event is played at a hotel, but guests are responsible for feeding themselves and finding a place to sleep.
2. Registration fees are Non-refundable. If you register, you are assigned a character. That character is tweaked and tailored to your interests. If you decide not to come, the event space still needs paid for and work already went into customizing your experience.

Step 1: Complete the Registration Survey

Link to Survey: Registration Survey

Step 2: Pay for Game

Early Bird Registration (December 2019-March 1, 2020 Until Game Fills!) $85.00

Regular Registration (March 1, 2020 until Game Fills) $115.00

Due to the number of folks who registered early and brought friends for early registration, we were able to pay some game bills early and take advantage of deals. This savings and being passed to you and the early bird pricing is in effect until the game fills!

Step 3: Purchase Optional Items
Goodie Bag $15.00

Goodie bags will have a reusable cup and bag with the game’s logo on them. They are handy for toting personal objects around in the game space. Goodie bags will also have snacks in them this year! There will not be a snacks table in the game space due to hotel contract restrictions.

Tshirt $13.00

Tshirts will have the game logo on them. More information about shirts will be shared in the Facebook Group in the upcoming months.

Step 4: Complete Casting Survey

Link to Survey: Character Casting Survey

Game Description