Register to Play
If you want to be a part of the fun and included in a weekend long adventure set in a magic filled version of the American South, you will need to register and pay for a spot at the event.

Character Registration Levels
To best accommodate individual and family budgets there are different registration levels available. Read about those here. These levels will clearly spell out how many character build points you will receive with your registration payment.

Character Background Questions
Bullets and Belles is allowing Players to submit their own character concepts for play. To have a character approved, the player must provide answers to these background questions.

Character Template for Building Characters
Bullets and Belles is allowing Player to submit their own character concepts. This template allows Players to built and submit stats/skills for characters.

Hotel Information
Players are responsible for making their own hotel accommodations, if required, based on their travel and rest needs. There is no obligation to stay at the hotel if you are attending/playing in the game.

Weekend Event Schedule
This is a high level schedule for the game.