Code of Conduct
All participants at Bullets and Belles must read and abide by the same Code of Ethics to help ensure mutual safety for all event participants.

Bullets and Belles Golden Rule
This rule has been separated from the Code of Conduct because of its singular importance.

Adventure Rules
In addition to in game events and activities, players, as their characters, may take time to participate in a side quest or adventure.

Combat at Bullets and Belles is simulated within the rule set of the game. These rules explain how combat works at the event.

Courtship Rules
A number of player really enjoy engaging in flirtation and romance during an event. To encourage this activity, but also make it safe for event participants, there are courtship rules in place.

Disease and Doctoring
There is an additional mechanic available for individuals portraying doctors. All players should read this as they may come into contact with illnesses or diseases in the setting.

Farming and Industrialization
Plantations and farm life are big industries in the setting for Bullets and Belles. This mechanic gives players an opportunity to challenge their abilities to gather and spend resources to accomplish specific industrial goals.

Inventin’ Mechanic
Bullets and Belles has a great many innovators, scientists, and other creators. There are also world changing ideas in the hands of characters and these rules explain how to bring those ideas to life within the game setting.

Mailboxes are small bins where players may receive communication from GMs.

Paperclip Rule
This is a rule that has been adopted from other events. It allows players to discreetly indicate when they need help from fellow players and/or event volunteers.

Race and the Portrayal of Race
The game is set in the American South after the abolition of slavery. There are characters who are not white. This article talks about how these characters will be displayed.
It is acknowledged that none of the game’s writers belong to a minority group. While efforts were made to be racially sensitive, the authors acknowledge their privilege and social limitations in telling these stories accurately. Within a fantasy setting based upon published fiction, this has been allowed.

Skill Checks
This article explains how skills are used and how skill checks are to be made during the event.

Skill Descriptions
This article explains the different skills that characters may have in Bullets and Belles.

Spell Slingin’ Mechanic
The setting of Bullets and Belles is rich with magic of various types! These rules explain how spell slingers put together magical items and prepare magical spells for use.