On the Rocks, On the Rocks 2.0

The Providence Convocation

As the population in America grew, the gods that came to reside in the area had a choice to make. They could either wage war and risk mutual destruction or they could come together and find a way to have peace and find a way to ensure maximum survival. At first- the outsiders and the locals chose war. Hundreds of demi-gods and deities met their end.

When the entire nation was fighting for Independence, the gods met. While the mortals were scribing the Bill of Rights and forming the first Congress of the United States, the gods were selecting representatives from their own ranks. These individuals would serve on a committee that serves all gods and settles disputes that arise across pantheons. In the event that there are conflicts over Domains, territory disputes, or general confusion, this body of individuals can be sought out to settle the trouble.

It’s up to a pantheon to decide who their representative to the Providence Convocation is and how that person is chosen. It’s also up to the pantheon to choose how long and under what terms an individual may stay in power.

The Providence Convocation is meeting in Las Vegas at the Sahara Sands Hotel and Casino over the weekend of September 1-2, 1963 to hear disputes. Individuals with concerns are encouraged to speak to their convocation representative so that these items may be discussed at the meeting.

GM Note: Each pantheon will have a character assigned to the Convocation at the start of game. Players are welcome to shift that responsibility to someone else, should they so choose to do so.

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