Port City, Pale Alephant

So my husband, who is not much of a hillbilly at all, has been a fan of Port City brewing in Alexandria, Virginia for a while. I was lucky enough to get to try a special brew that they put together for Brew at the Zoo at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. One of the offerings they had was a contest winner named, Pale Alephant. Pale Alephant is an American style IPA. It’s a nice light golden color. One thing I always like to remind ladies- just because a beer doesn’t have a lot of color- doesn’t mean it lacks flavor. Pale Alephant is packed with yumminess and if you are an IPA fan, you’d like it too.

There’s a catch with this one though- you had to be at the Brewing event to partake! Total bummer. With a heat wave- an ice cold glass of this beer would totally hit the spot! 

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