Great Grandpa’s Brandy

5 pounds of peaches, plums, or apricots
3 lemons
11 pounds of sugar
1 yeast, large
5 pounds of white raisins

Boil 3 gallons of water & cool off. Dissolve sugar in water and add yeast, cut in lemons and squeeze, put in crock. Add dissolved yeast and fruit in the crock. Put lid on and stir every day for 7 days. Add raisins on the 7th day and let set for 14 days more. Pour through cheese cloth, strainer, or colander before bottling. Dad siphoned it through a tube in order to bottle it. Do not put the tube all the way to the bottom in order to avoid the sediment from the fruit. After bottling, look for sedimentation, you may have to siphon and bottle twice.
2 cups equals 1 pound of sugar.

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